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Kayamaris Hotel & Spa

Kayamaris Hotel & Spa, 1995 yılından beri Marmaris’te tüm tatil severlere hizmet vermek üzere açılmıştır. 


Hem şehir merkezine yakın oluşu,

yakın olmasıyla beraber de

gürültüden ve sesten uzak oluşuyla

hem çocuklu ailelere hem de çiftlere

sakin ve huzurlu bir tatil imkânı sunmaktadır. 

The Penthouse Bar, An iconic american bar

The cozy bar area accompanying the Penthouse is a classic cocktail bar at it’s finest. Our experienced bartenders are here to offer you both the classic bewerages and the newest global trends.

The Spa. Refresh Yourself

Whether you are in search of a well-appointed gym or a pampering moment on the massage table and inside the warm saunas, you can always find a place for yourself at our spa.

5 stars25 rooms

Our hotel is located in the heart of the New Forrest. A five stars lifestyle surrounded by the forest.

Choose from a wide range of luxury rooms.

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